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Project Overview

CAKEMANIA Show International is an annual cake event that gives young bakers and entrepreneurs the opportunity and platform to sell themselves and their brands to a larger and more receptive audience through live baking contests and cake exhibitions.

Being in its fifth year, the organizers decided they needed a website, for the corporate image it added, with features that could effectively supplement the bulky processes involved in registering contestants and attendees physically.

The Solution

Cakemania reached out to me to develop this solution, and I got on the project to deliver on our joint goals: aesthetics and acceleration.

The goal was to increase event attendance by adding ease of registration and involvement through process automation (e-ticketing and e-scanning) and corporate image propagation for brand publicity.

  • Year

    2022 - 2023

  • Client

    Cakemania Shows International

  • Services

    Web Development

  • Project

    Event/ e-Ticketing Website

The Result

Working on the Cakemania project was exciting for me. After several discovery conversations, Iwas able to guide the client to fully conceptualize his vision for the project, and I introduced more ideas on how his goals can be met: Among many others, a unique feature was the inclusion of a custom e-ticketing system for the different attendee categories, complete with a unique ID attached for scanning and recognition. Also, I included avenues for email list generation so the client can build a consistent community by keeping them up to date and informed about the brand's doings.

With this, the team will always be able to generate post-event statistics, note the exact audience in attendance, and split them across the different categories of guest and contestant tickets. Also, my inclusion of an email list generating feature will keep activity around the brand high for those who anticipate its events.

Project Details