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Harry Zahavi.


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I am a passionate senior software developer dedicated to simplifying lives through custom software solutions. With a diverse range of experiences across industries, I focus on creating user-centric applications that blend functionality and aesthetics seamlessly. My drive for innovation and commitment to excellence make every project an opportunity to make a meaningful impact.

In the thrilling world of software development, I embark on an exhilarating journey, crafting flawless applications and embracing the excitement of each project. With a diverse skill set encompassing multiple languages and cutting-edge technologies, I thrive on the adventure that comes with pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations. Whether managing solo or collaborating with a dynamic team, creativity and innovation drive every step, transforming challenges into triumphs.

Problem-solving becomes a playground of possibilities, and meeting deadlines fuels my adrenaline rush. As I build clean and scalable software, my passion for excellence propels me to set new standards in the industry. Together, let's embrace this exciting ride, creating wonders and making a lasting impact in the world of software development. Let's revolutionize the digital landscape together!









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Work History

March, 2023 - Present

Chief Technology Officer

TUG Championship Nigeria

I took charge of designing, developing, and maintaining our team's website while creating captivating and interactive games for the platform. Additionally, I formulated and executed the team's technical strategy. By collaborating closely with stakeholders, I effectively translated requirements into precise technical specifications, resulting in a high-quality, bug-free website and games.

Sep, 2022 - Present

Senior Software Developer

CodeRigi Technologies

I lead and direct the technical and software development team, ensuring successful project outcomes. I facilitate discovery calls to guide clients and potential clients in understanding website requirements. I collaborate with UI/UX designers, ensuring high-quality design and developing innovative software programs, websites, and applications.


Nov, 2015 - Jan, 2020

Bachelor of Science

University of Uyo

Gained a solid foundation in computer science principles and developed a strong understanding of software development concepts.


Feb, 2015 - Oct, 2015

Diploma in Software Engineering

Favour Communications Technologies

Got equipped with practical skills in software development, including programming languages and software engineering methodologies.