Project Details
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Project Overview

I built five dashboards for the Paystrim website project. Paystrim is a Nigerian advertising company that wanted a user dashboard to display ads for sharing on social media and a business dashboard for uploading ads.

Targeted ad delivery based on demographics was essential. I worked with various APIs, ensuring a unique and engaging user experience while delivering value to clients.

The Solution

I developed user, business, TV, admin, and other dashboards. The user dashboard allowed sharing ads for pay, while the business dashboard enabled ad uploads for a fee. Demographic targeting was implemented for tailored ads.

I integrated APIs, including unfamiliar ones, to enhance functionality, such as payment gateways and social media sharing. User-friendly interfaces and robust security measures were implemented.

  • Year

    2022 - 2023

  • Client

    Paystrim Technologies

  • Services

    Web Development

  • Project

    Advertising Platform

The Result

The Paystrim website project was a success. The dashboards facilitated ad sharing and management for users, businesses, TV channels, and administrators. Users earned income by sharing targeted ads on social media, and businesses effectively reached their desired demographics.

The integration of APIs improved functionality, including secure payments and seamless social media sharing. The project showcased my technical expertise and alignment with Paystrim's goals.

Project Details